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“You do such amazing things with her and all the children at nursery. She is forever coming home happy singing and regaling me of tales from her day. A great, friendly and warming nursery and staff, which means such a lot when you leave your little one all day.”

Tori, Eddie & Gracie

“I love the nurturing style of Meadows and the balance between playing and preparing my little boy for big school. I love Forest School, Mindfulness, Spanish lessons and the different projects you encourage the children to take part in that really catches their imagination. So much outdoor time is also brilliant; feeding the chickens and planting vegetables so the children can really experience nature and how things grow.”

Shelly & Beau

“Thank you so much for being such inspiring key workers. From day one you made such an effort to build a rapport with her and made her feel safe and secure. She has loved every moment at Meadows and has come home and talked with great enthusiasm about her day. She has taught me how to make fairy bags (out of leaves), how to sing songs in Spanish, how to make mud cakes, how to use her knife and fork and the importance of taking turns – all this and much more she has learnt at Meadows. Thank you for working so hard and going that extra mile to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for all the children you care for.”

Chris, Sally & Esme

“Meadows is a great preschool. You could not ask for more interaction with parents, we receive daily photos and updates on our children’s activities and development progress. My children love coming here and I have complete confidence in all the staff. The access to the premises is always very well controlled. We (as parents) are always given advance notice of any activities or changes in schedules etc. Meadows is perfect preparation for transition to primary school. I have high expectations as a parent and am extremely satisfied with Meadows and all of its staff.”


“They both absolutely love coming to the nursery which, as a parent, is the main thing. They both skip up to the door to ring the bell and greet their key workers. Each morning they get a lovely warm welcome and shake hands with their key workers and are brought into whatever activity is going on at that moment in time. When I pick them up they shattered, but happy. I really love how much time they spend outside with the children either doing nature walks or playing in the playground or taking little trips. For example, I remember a particularly lovely day when the children walked to the local shop and bought crumpets and then came back and toasted them for their snack. They got to handle money, visit the shop and choose their snack and then when they got back they discussed the texture and shape of the crumpets and how they felt in their mouths. I think the nursery is beyond outstanding. They have simply surpassed every expectation I ever had and the way the children learn through development in a warm, supportive environment is just exceptional.”

Jill, Zara & Rory

“Meadows is unparalleled in its quality of care, nurture and innovation. My daughter when starting at nursery struggled with anger and the nursery noticed and offered to enlist her in meditation in the woods – which has transformed her well-being and behaviour. The staff at Meadows are highly considerate and attentive and bring a real joy to our daughters well-being. Our needs as parents and child are always listen to. The range of activities that our daughter participates in is wonderful, she often returns home having learnt things that we have no idea she even knew! I think that what most impresses me with Meadows is that I was worried as a parent of a daughter with a very strong will and energy that learning environments might try and squash that out of her, but Meadows have supported her and even reassured us that a strong will can be a positive asset if channelled well. She is blissfully happy.”

Hannah, Oscar & Thea

“Meadows provides such a rich, full and varied program of activities that our children get an invaluable first foray into the world of education, socialisation and experience. Every day is different but with key values and routine maintaining the consistency that small children thrive and depend upon. Communication with parents is excellent, with great clarity around how day-to-day activities link back to developmental expectations for the stage the children are at. The staff have great knowledge, expertise and approach, dealing with each child and parent according to their needs and understanding. In my experience of other nursery settings Meadows offering is head and shoulders above the rest and really sets of children up for going into mainstream schooling with confidence and experience.”

Rebecca, Luke & Sadie

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